Point of View

karolina Kucharska

illustrator: Karolina Kucharski

Here In The Psalm

by Sally Fisher

I am a sheep
and I like it
because the grass
I lie down in
feels good and the still
waters are restful and right
there if I’m thirsty
and though some valleys
are very chilly there is a long
rod that prods me so I
direct my hooves
the right way
though today
I’m trying hard
to sit at a table
because it’s expected
required really
and my enemies—
it turns out I have enemies—
are watching me eat and
spill my drink
but I don’t worry because
all my enemies do
is watch and I know
I’m safe if I will
just do my best
as I sit on this chair
that wobbles a bit
in the grass
on the side of a hill.

“Here In The Psalm” by Sally Fisher from Good Question. © Bright Hills Press, 2016.

Try rewriting a psalm from the fish’s point of view!

Here in the Psalm (2)

I am a goldfish
and I l like it
because the bowl
I swim in
is cool and clear
and the sights
are friendly and homey
and food
drifts down
to sustain me
and though some humans
have no scales
their big eyes glow like mine
and the enemy cat
is mostly polite
as my fins
swirl me round
out of harms way
as I munch greens
and balance my
flippers underneath
the canopy of
the sunlit living room.


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  1. jeannepoland
    Jul 21, 2016 @ 09:24:30

    Reblogged this on The Vibrant Channeled Creator and commented:

    Thank you Sally Fisher for the inspiration on one of my favorite psalms!


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