Jeanne as Diva Pig Child

palindromes — phrases that read the same forward and backward —


I’M A LASAGNA HOG! (1991).

by Jon Agee

Pantoums – have stanzas of four lines each.  The second and fourth lines of the first stanza become the first and the third lines of the following stanza.  This leapfrog progression of lines continues somewhat repetitively through any number of stanzas until the final stanza.  The final stanza uses the third line of the initial stanza as line two, and the first line of the initial stanza as the final line of the poem.  The poem comes full circle; its first and final lines are the same.

Palindrome, Pantoum

Poems march along;

Forwards, backwards,

Strutting their song.

Poems march along

Parades march the beat;

Strutting their song;

Kicking high; kicking neat!

Parades march the beat

Majorette reaches sky;

Kicking high, kicking neat

Pals in line; drums nearby.

Majorette reaches sky

Sunlight glistens on the brass.

Pals in line; drums nearby

It’s a high style class.

Sunlight glistens on the brass,

Forwards, backwards,

It’s a high style class :

Palindrome, Pantoum!



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