Definition #317 Sounds of Silence 2

illustration by Sevada Gregoryan

illustration by Sevada Gregoryan

Don Watches Jeanne Recover

It’s August and I crept into my foot bones to point them forward.
The tendons had to stretch to match. Had to listen to them scream.
Tissue let go.Unwound from ligaments like tassels, disinherited.

Rehab stepped into my home to point me forward. I became nurse, nutritionist, therapist, patient patient. Rolled on a walker, stairways with a cane, ice packs, foot elevated higher than heart. Unwound to go potty, cook, clean, eat, drink, go potty. Sanitize air, floors, counters, furniture. Go potty, wash and keep foot dry. Go potty.

Pointed my foot forward. Stitches removed. Pins remain for 6 weeks. No breaking. Walk only on heel! To potty.

Treat rash, keep blood thin, schedule meds, supplements, hydrate, go potty.

No driving ’til pins are removed. Go potty using heel only. Pointed pins pierce linens, dressing, socks, carpet, and furniture. Ping! Ping! Swivel! Ouch!

Take time to mend, bend to change, point forward. Balance with gravity. The toilet honors gravity and centers me when I go potty, over and over and over.


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