Definition #88 Plots


Good Stories

by William Greenway

The one where the preacher’s kid
from Georgia, growing up in a house
with no books but the Bible,
became a great poet.

The one where the great poet
remained faithful to his wife
even after her stroke, devoted
to her for fifty years.

The one where he won the Nobel Prize
and finally got to live by the sea,
fishing every dawn
waist deep in the blue-green water.

The one where, near the end,
he found the love of his life
and left behind the child
he’d never wanted before.

Once there was a man
who failed at everything he tried
but wrote it all down
before he died.

“Good Stories” by William Greenway, from The Accidental Garden. © Word Poetry, 2014. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

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