Definition #65 Poetry

Thomas Lux

Thomas Lux

It’s the birthday of Thomas Lux , born in Northampton, Massachusetts (1946).

He’s known for his surreal, funny poems with titles like

“Commercial Leech Farming Today,”

“Traveling Exhibition of Torture Instruments,”

“The Oxymoron Sisters,” and

“Walt Whitman’s Brain Dropped on Laboratory Floor.”

His books of poetry include Memory’s Handgrenade (1972), The Blind Swimmer: Selected Early Poems 1970-1975 (1996), God Particles (2008), and most recently Child Made of Sand (2012).

He describes contemporary American poetry as



many, many good poets,

a growing cultural profile,

a healthy, squawking, boisterous, fractious, inclusive, tradition and

(true) innovation marrying or colliding.”

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