Who put the twirl in O’s face?

Oliver in real time

Oliver in real time

Oliver in Crazy Photo Booth

Oliver in Crazy Photo Booth

Blurb, my book editing site, has forecast the future of “books as we know them”.
See: if you want to read for yourself:
Every page will have an illustration (not necessarily in words)

Notice above the real close-up of Oliver. Then see what his sister did with it in “Crazy Photo Booth’s twirl option.
The 3 and 5 year olds changed the view on an app on an iPhone, deleted the ugly results, and giggled at the funny renditions.
Here’s the poem to go with the illustration:

Haiku in Photo Booth

eyes askew, nose scrunched-
neck pinched thin: ate up chin-lips
could fit on pin: poof!

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