Poppies in Watercolor

Red on green vibrates!

Red on green vibrates!

Does the red call the butterfly?

Does the red call the butterfly?

1 Pick a flower you want to be intimate with.
2 Wearing a blindfold, feel it with your hands. Pull petals off. Rub between finger tips.
3 Use only one color to better see the light through the petals.
4 Study a scientific diagram to see the actual anatomy.
Watch videos of poppies in a field, blowing.
5 Try to paint a silk poppy that doesn’t droop, dry out or change every day.
Draw it from above, below and eye-to-eye. Memorize the contours of stem, petals, stamen, etc
Do not allow the background color to dominate. Green enhances its opposite, red. Neutral colors contrast with the primaries.
Make the painting about the flower, not the other elements of the composition.
6 Make many sketches and be yourself.
7 Crop! crop! crop!
8 Show us.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catherine Johnson
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 10:51:16

    Wow, Jeanne these are amazing! I’m going to show my mum these.


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