Riddle#35: Love Song


At 6AM , 2 feet away from my recliner, a resident hummingbird calls for a mate. Last Spring, I observed her mother 2 babies in the birdhouse, and she has returned to woo a male. He is not allowed in the nest, as it is small and will be filled with the babies. How quaint!

Love Song

calls for a mate: a
beak lifted
to the sky.
Last spring birthed two babes;
Empty bird house waits.
(a Shadorma)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catherine Johnson
    May 07, 2013 @ 12:25:05

    How cute!


  2. davidlharrison
    May 25, 2013 @ 11:21:26

    Well done, Jeanne. What a good image. And it’s an interesting form. Think I ought to try this on my blog? We can send readers over here to see your example.


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