Riddle#2 Orchid Plant

orchid stem
Orchid Plant

I love
the green leaves
airborne roots
sturdy stems
shooting shoots.
Who am I?

Joy Acey at
www. http://poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com/
inspired me with her FIB; here is her outline on how to write one.
This poem is a Fib. A syllabic poem based on Fibonacci’s number, each line length is the sum of the two previous lines. So the poem has 1 syllable, 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3 syllables, 5 syllables, 8 syllables and I made this go to 13 syllables. If you are viewing this poem on your cell phone many of the lines wrap so you are missing the beauty of the Fib form. Does this chart make it easier to see the formatting?

Line 1 = 1 syllable
Line 2 = 1 syllables
Line 3 = 2 syllables
Line 4 = 3 syllables
Line 5 = 5 syllables
Line 6 = 8 syllables
Line 7 = 13 syllables

Your challenge for today is to try writing your own Fib. Try making it 5 or 6 lines long. Have fun. Do find some time to go outside and play today.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jmpoland21van
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 08:28:26

    Apparently, my FIB is FLUBBED!
    Joy explains:
    I love your fib, but the count doesn’t come out right for me. the message and words are very good though.
    I have 1,1,2,3,5,8, etc.
    green leaves is 2 to me and
    the crisp is too. Just drop “the crisp” or combine the two line to–crisp leaves.
    Of course you could keep the poem exactly like it is and not call it a FIB.
    Did you want me to critique your poem?



  2. Catherine Johnson
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 13:17:03

    Love this, Jeanne!


  3. jmpoland21van
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 12:13:48

    I wanted to share this comment from a friend:
    Dear Jeanne,

    Thank you for the poem yesterday and the instructions. I do not generally write poetry but I have three pieces that I wrote while on the diet in January. When I read them in class these last two weeks, one retired professor put his finger on the reality. When we are going through some kind of trauma, one can’t write in prose. Poetry is the voice that captures the deep feelings.

    Did you ever find Don? Or is he still missing?



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