Fiber Optic Time vs Organic Time

Yesterday on the Poetry Blog
I ordered 2 books:
p*tag anthology of poetry for teens, edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong,
PoetryTagTime anthology for children.
Today there was an email from Nook telling me I could have a new textbook app for free and the 2 books advertised
were the 2 I ordered for $.99 and $1.99. So I opened my Nook and read them delightedly.When I tried to find them in June, they weren’t ready. Then today, Instant Gratification! Fast Food for the Soul!

Fiber Optic Time vs Organic Time
Which is real?

Electronic fiber optics
Info blips
The pace of electronics

While my body needs 12 hours of silence
To reconfigure
Needs me to turn off.
Get out.
Close down.
To begin
And complete
Its reset.
No drums here.
No humming.
The music of birthing every night.
Darkness and silence required.

by Jeanne Poland

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