Duet by Joy Acey and Jeanne Poland

A Duet by Joy Acey and Jeanne Poland

Graham Cracker
By Joy Acey:

May I have milk,
to dip my
graham cracker?

When it drips
on my chin
it’s a real

Have you ever looked closely at the holes and indentations in a graham cracker? How many are there?
Are they all the same?  How are they different?  Why are there holes in a graham cracker? If you could travel inside one of those holes, what do you think it would be like?  Who eats graham crackers?  What is your favorite kind of cracker?  Share your poem with me.  Have fun writing today.

What a snappy poem!!!!!
A smacky snapper!

Response by Jeanne Poland:

For breakfast,
As a child
We drowned our
Graham Crackers
In a pool of milk.
Soggy ginger bites
Swam across our tongues.
Cool slurpy crumbs
Slithered down our throats.
And landed
In warm stomach’s bowl.
To last all day.
Comfort food.


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